I purchased a Vandercook #4 about 2 years ago, which had been working beautifully until about a month ago. The roller gears have been grinding against each other when sitting idle. Here’s a link to a video showing the problem.

Vandercook #4 gears grinding

I would appreciate any help I can get. Thank you!

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  1. This is a common problem discussed here before. The Clutch pins (MR 110) that slide in the end of the roller cores is worn short and need to be replaced. NA Graphics has these. Best to call (970) 387-0212 or email: info@nagraph.com

    It is also likely that the brass clutch plate that the pins contact is worn at the point the pins contact and needs to be brazed. For more on these previous discussions:

    #4 Ink Roller MR 110 Pin

    Form roller clutch on a No. 4

    Vandercook 4 repairing clutch plate https://vandercookpress.info/vandercook-4-repairing-clutch-lever/

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