Vandercook No. 20 Rigid Bed RollerProof Press #7884

I am buying this press and I am thinking I will be having a problem with the hand crank cylinder returning across a plate and touching again on the return.

Is there a mechanism to lift the roller on the return?

Is there a reversible modification I could make if the feature is lacking?

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

Mark Morrill

Minneapolis MN

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Fritz Klinke
8 years ago
Reply to  Eric Holub

This press was shipped 11/11/38 to ATF, Boston, who sold it to the Springfield Republican, 24 Cypress Street, Springfield, Mass.

Eric Holub
8 years ago

On this model, you ink and print in both directions. The ink carriage, and then the cylinder are moved to the very end of travel and the cylinder has a cavity that allows the ink carriage to be reversed from under it.

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