Vandercook Electric Galley Proof Presses – For Sale in Chicopee, MA

John Barrett at “Letterpress Things”: is trying to find a home for a Vandercook 22 and an HS27. The 22 needs some work and new rollers, but the HS27 is in great shape and probably ready to run. The price is negotiable on both of these. These presses do not have gripper bars so the position of the print on the page can not be consistantly maintained.
These may be useful for someone that needs to proof newly cast type or their collection of print blocks for scanning (to flog ’em on eBay?) or to make rubber stamps.  Please contact John at if you are interested in one of these. The price is negotiable or he will consider letterpress related goods in trade.

Vandercook 22Vandercook HS27

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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