I am looking for some information as to how old this is (sorry I did not notice a serial #) the completeness, and possible value of this press.

Also, please note, I have a 1915 Challenger 26 1/2 lever operated paper cutter and an AB Dick 360 CD and I would be interested in selling all of these units to a local buyer, if there is interest. Note: The 360CD has a ton of NOS unopened supplies… about $1500 worth (using retail prices I found online).

Thanks in advance!

4 thoughts on “Vandercook No. [0]1 proof press – found in upstate NY”

  1. Fairly complete: four carriage bearings, and bed-mounted paper grippers. When you flip the bed hopefully you’ll find four rubber bumpers which keep the carriage on the bed.

  2. Paul, thank you for the info. I’ll definitely check the serial number. I was a bit concerned that it might be missing a lot of parts. It seems this is fairly complete then!?

  3. This is a No. 01 not a No. 1. There are several differences. The No 1 has a geared cylinder and rack and packing can be added to the cylinder. The No. 01 has neither feature and belongs to a category known as office presses or gravity presses. Vandercook produced these presses between 1929-1957. A serial number should be on the bed bearer (the raised rails) or directly on the bed. https://vandercookpress.info/timeline/#gravity

    Your photos show the underside of the bed. The carriage is therefore attached upside down. The bearings show some corrosion and the rubber on the impression cylinder is damaged.

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