Vandercook Universal II for sale

Vandercook universal II P/AB for sale. $13500.
Ground level- can arrange rigging and loading at your cost. Very easy move out with the right tools, but no loading dock. I can supervise rigging so the rigging co does lift the press from the correct points.
Frisket tower with tapes
Adjustable bed (Very useful)
Power model- not the kind where a gear motor is on the side of the carriage, but rather the type where there is a drive motor with clutch and a large drive chain the size a small forklift would use to lift the Tynes and a part of giant pizza sized cogs located under the bed. Has the feed tables and feed table bracket, Side guide, and all the cylinder adjustment lays. The adjustment knobs for these are brass and they remain consistent throughout any length run.
Cylinder has a couple old blemishes that were filled before I received the press, they do not affect printing in any way.
Draw bar is square with a pin bar to affix draw sheet to secure packing.
Came from an engraving company in Wisconsin who were using it to test photo engraving plates but it’s in really good shape.
If you know anything about the UNI series, this was the one which very few models exist. It is sort of a hybrid of a Uni and a 219, with the overbuilt features of the 219 but precision of a UNI.
Does not have a wash-up tray/blade, but DOES have the mechanism in place if you can fabricate any of the missing parts.
Drive motor is 3 phase. Could be converted to single if you have an electrician do the conversion, may need a new drive motor for this but not an impossible swap.
Impeccible dead on registration. The sheet comes back to the table in the grippers, so if you want to print it again for some more ink letdown it’s possible to do so.
I printed a lot of relief on this press for artists. Sold most of my shop and this press has to go.
Press can come with about 30+ draw/topsheets and some assorted .018 red press board + .006 manilla +.002 tissue for packing cut to size for the cylinder, and it has a lockup bar. I also have a tower of furniture I can include.
A 17×22 boxcar base can come with it for an extra $800.00 in good shape.
The rigging co you hire can block it up safely for transport, currently it’s standing on the floor. Available to be seen running in Brooklyn. $13500. I can arrange rigging for you from a local and competent, insured rigging company.
Various payment methods are accepted.
FYI this is not an easy press to disassemble. The feed board can come off but there are no other parts to remove. It will roll through a standard 38″ door, however, if located on dollies. It can be jacked down to floor height after moving into place.
3’2″ × 9’3″ floor space, you can cut the 9’3″ down to about 8’6″ if you remove the feed table (all it takes is a screwdriver to take off) Weight: 4200 lb.
Interested parties located abroad or elsewhere in the CONUSA I can send video of the press running and demo the features. Pictures to come later.
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2 years ago

Any chance that this is still available?

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