Vandercook Universal III stopped moving

Hi all,

My Universal III has been chugging along beautifully for a couple of years, when all of a sudden it just quit in the middle of a job. By “quit” I mean the rollers are still moving, but the upper carriage just won’t go. I took a short video which I’ll link to here that has more detail.

If anyone has any thoughts I’d greatly appreciate it – happy to take more photos or videos as needed. I’m located in midcoast Maine, about 45 minutes north of Portland if anyone happens to know of a press mechanic in the area.



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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

I’m glad that the pros were able to give you advice. Please let us know if new fuses are the solution. I would have included a diagram or photo, but the internet connection I had then was painfully slow. Funny, how it is that vanderblog activity always increases when I’m on the road.

P.S. I’m partial to blueberry pie.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

Sorry to hear this. Have you checked the fuses? That’s a common cause.
Contact Dave Seat or Perry Tymeson.

I will ask other power carriage Universal owners to comment on your video.

Btw, I will be in the Boston area May 2-3 for a workshop at the Museum of Printing. However there is not have a power carriage Universal in the collection.

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