Western “the British” 4c proofing press

Finally- after major refurbishment, which included taking off the plinth bases, de-greasing, de-rusting and painting the underneath-photo of press, yes I know the handle is wrong to the form rollers lifting mechanism I will change it, also photo of the collared bolts that Mick Hopper made for me.


2 thoughts on “Western “the British” 4c proofing press

  1. Jonathan Jarvis - September 5, 2012

    Thank you-also due acknowledgement to Paul and Vanderblog because I recieved invaluable advice re racking packing from Basil Head service engineer in Uk, also from Paul’s Book I got a contact Ed Denovan Hell Box letter Foundry who had 2 spare paper feed fingers that he supplied to me gratis. A great community here, very many thanks everyone.
    I have to stick notices to warn students not to use this press without having recieved instruction and not to stick fingers between revolving ink ink rollers-!
    May be there is a parts manual available somewhere, also paper lay gauge on feedboard required.

  2. jhenry - September 5, 2012


    A very nice looking press and great restoration effort. I’m sure you will enjoy printing on that press for a long time. Congratulations on a job well done.

    What does the warning label on the inking carriage indicate?

    John Henry

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