No. 3 Form Roller Lift Arm Bracket

no3-lift-arm-bracketHello all–

Wondering if there is a rule of thumb for bolt placement in the slot for the lift arm bracket on the No. 3 (and why there’s such a large slot in the first place)? Do I need to adjust those in some way before I start adjusting my roller height (e.g. on one side of the press vs. the other and front-to-back on each side of the rollers)? Thanks!



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  1. denise - August 26, 2014

    Thanks, the more I thought about it I realized that didn’t have anything to do with it (must have been inhaling too much Simple Green last week). :)

    I was having a hard time with roller adjustment which is why I thought something else might be in play. I was doing it exactly as we did in the workshop, held the bearing bars tight to the frame and tightened with adjusting screws (set screw removed). The bars are steel and the oil holes are facing up and outward. The rollers lowered to type high (with a cold-rolled steel plate on the bed) on the operator side with only about a 1/2 turn but the opposite side needed more adjustment. Seems like I finally have them adjusted correctly, at least until I do some test prints.

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - August 23, 2014

    Unless there is significant wear on the the trip lever (BB-13), there is nothing for you to consider. When the form roller and oscillator are engaged, the slot rests at the top of the screw, when the form rollers are disengaged (tripped) the slot rests at the the bottom of the screw.

    The roundhead screw, passes through the slotted, zinc-plated steel bracket and is threaded into the bronze form roller bottom frame. When the form roller trip arm is disengaged (turned counterclockwise), it raises the top frame oscillator and the bottom frame form rollers above type high (0.918″). The slot allows a gap between the two assemblies so that the rubber form rollers no longer bear the weight of the now inactive oscillator.

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