4c Roller Diameter

Hi all,

Would anyone be able to confirm that the #4c, made under licence in the UK has the same roller diameter of 2.5″ of the #4?

I’m assuming that it does, but thought it best to check before I get them recovered incase they turn out to be wrong. Better safe than sorry!

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8 years ago

Hi Richard, How did your 2.5″ rollers work out? I need to recover mine and want to make sure I have the right size… Best wishes. Dafi

9 years ago

Dear Richard,
My rollers on my 4C are 62.5mm in diameter. Either way they shrunk over the years or they have never been casted to the exact measurement, but I am pretty sure they’re meant to be 2.5″ (which would be 63.5mm). So I guess you’d have to recover them to 2.5″. Thats what I will do as soon as I will recover my rollers…
Good luck.
Best wishes.

9 years ago

Dear Richard,
I have a 4c in my studio. I am pretty sure its 2.5″, but please let me double-check on Wednesday and then get back to you! Best wishes. Dafi

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