I’m having some issues with low ink distribution in the first inch or so of my form. I noticed that the area coincides with the first few inches of the cylinder rack which is separate from the rest of the rack and slightly raised with some plastic shims. Does anyone know the reason for that portion of the rack to be raised? I’ve uploaded a picture for reference. Thanks – Mike D

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  1. Mike

    It is not uncommon on Vandercooks to have and inch or so of inking problems at the cylinder end of the bed. The may likely be a cylinder balancing problem.

    I have my SP-15 cylinder balanced so that it provids even impression down the entirely of the bed, but in doing so I lost the first 1-3/8 inches.

    Easy enough to live with and work around.


  2. This section is called the register rack. It helps the cylinder gears make the transition from the rear floating rack which, automatically keep the impression cylinder in trip until until the grippers clear the head deadline.

    Perhaps if you move the carriage a bit slower this will improve your ink coverage.

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