The Vandercook Census has reached a milestone: “1011”: presses are known to still exist worldwide. Are there another thousand out there? Is your press represented?
How many “Asberns”:, “Challenges”: et al. ?

The globe graphic, one of three similar designs, is from a Universal I operator’s manual dating from the late 1950s.

4 thoughts on “A thousand Vandercooks!”

  1. All ideas are welcome. Being unaffiliated I don’t have an institution to support a big production. Fritz and I have talked some, NAG will be moved into its new building by then. Maybe there will be room for a summer event. I have T-shirt designs with the globe and pennant logos ready to screen.

    I would also like to do a print exchange. I have contributed to the “Vandercookbook” assemblage Barbara Henry and Roni Gross are doing for the Center for Book Arts. I believe it will be published this spring.

    I’m mindful of conference fatigue. Paul Romaine, a veteran conference organizer, suggests a series of small events. This makes sense as it could include more people, and I have begun incorporating historical information into my maintenance workshop curriculum. Get yourself an “accordion”: and let’s take it on the road. I’ll buy the Lowenbrau.

    I added a new post/comment category for the centennial, so let’s keep this thread going.

  2. And what pray tell is the Blogmeister proposing we do to celebrate the centenary? Meet in some centrally located pressroom with many a Vandercook to break bread, imbibe a frothy beverage or two, and talk shop? Just tell me where. I’m game for anything but pin the tail on the Vandy.

  3. Yes it is a concern. I do what I can to keep down bloat, and am aware that a few presses have changed hands since the census began. I have written to many owners, but the reply rate is about half. Understandably, people have better things to do with their time. The census will never be entirely accurate. Nonetheless, there are regular members and visitors (perhaps reading this right now?) who could help our effort. Wont you please step forward and be counted! The Vandercook centenary is 2009!

  4. That is great, Paul.

    If people with their presses listed can just get the serial numbers in there then it will be a huge help. Otherwise in a few years we are going to wind up with 3000 listings and 1000 presses.

    Daniel Morris
    The Arm Letterpress
    Brooklyn, NY

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