Universal III Feedboard and Bed Extension

My manual for the Universal III shows that it was available with either a 42 inch or 30-inch feed board. Both of my Universal IIIs have the longer one, but also have a bed extension at the far end of the press bed. This makes the press awkwardly long and difficult to get around in my studio. My option is either to eliminate the bed extension (this requires modification of the adjustable bed mechanism) or shorten the feed board.
So my question is this- does anyone have a Universal III with the shorter 30-inch feed board? Do you find it to be sufficient?

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY


2 thoughts on “Universal III Feedboard and Bed Extension

  1. The Arm NYC - March 7, 2007

    Great advice, Alex. I will do that.
    Have a look inside the pallet that the 320 bed is sitting on. There might be something tucked in there…

    Daniel Morris
    The Arm Letterpress
    Brooklyn, NY

  2. Alex Brooks - March 6, 2007

    the UNI III at school, where I’m working with a wood engraving class, has a 30″ feedboard, and it’s no problem at all. It ends up being shorter than my UNI I. We’re working with small sheets so it’s not an issue, but when you approach max print size, you can’t have anything else on the feedboard. The extra room is nice, but if it has to go…. If it were mine I’d keep the original and cut a new, shorter one. 2¢

    lexington kentucky

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