I had my motor rebuilt and put it in the press today, however, like an idiot I didn’t take a photo of the wiring. I need help with wiring this back up. I have attached photos of the wiring. If anyone can help please contact me here or offline at casey@inkylipspress.com.

The pink circles are wires that are on the press. The yellow circles come from the motor


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9 thoughts on “Vandercook Uni I motor help”

  1. I called the motor place and the two individual black wire are load wires. He said I can tape them off unless the motor has a lot of load. I said it didn’t, therefore I’m taping them off.

    Unless, someone can chime in and tell me that the load wire need to be hooked up.

    Thanks in advance,


  2. Carrie, Thanks for the Flickr page, my motor is not set up the same way, however, I appreciate you contributing to my challenge of the wire delimna.

    When I picked up the motor there were two red wires and each had a black wire twisted to them. Then there were two other single black wires.

    I’ll call the motor place that rebuilt my motor.

    Thanks everyone.


  3. the motor wiring scheme above is for the automatic press, so most of it it superfluous (except for the upper left hand section).

    It’s clear that there’s just two black wires going from the press to the motor. The motor was an off the shelf part, and could be exchanged for other brands. So your two black wires from the motor have to connect to the two black wires from the press. The question is, what to do with the two pairs of red/black wires, which are internal to the motor (and therefore have nothing really to so with vandercook). My guess is that they should connect, but maybe you should ask the folks who rewound your motor?

  4. Alex,

    Thanks for the replies. Yes, we have different motors. I don’t know where the two black single wires go, hmmmm. Daniel Morris was going to look at his press today and maybe we have the same motors.

    Paul, thanks for the help in asking other people for comments. I’ll keep checking back here for replies.

    Waiting patiently,


  5. Casey-
    Have you received any answer on this? I’d love to help, but will have to take apart things to do so. Let me know if no one else offers advice, and i’ll take some pictures of mine.


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