I publish a small, fortnightly community newspaper right in the middle of North Carolina. My dad was a newspaper publisher, as well, starting at age 16 sweeping the floors, until the pressman taught him to "hand spike type." There are photos of me at age 4 or 5 sitting at the keyboard of a Linotype (not that I knew how to use it at the time . . . or now.) I hope to be able to extract a couple of old presses from a nearby basement and install them in a couple of outbuildings on our property in order to restore them and begin playing with letterpress printing.

Help! I can’t get this screw out of my SP-15!

Hi All! This screw in the vibrator assembly of my SP-15, a screw which my manual tells me is properly know as the Crescent Holder, is stuck. It has been three days now soaking in alternating baths of WD-40 and PB Blaster, and it still won’t budge. It’s purpose is to insert the Crescent into …

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