Halfway up the ramp!

Hi All!
Thanks to great advice obtained here and form the folks on letpress, we successfully moved an SP-15 and a C&P 8×12 this weekend, from a basement location to the shop out back of our house.

Key to the process, other than caution and moving slowly and carefully, was the use of a Maasdam 3-ton come-a-long and some very heavy duty ratchet straps from the Canadian firm Erickson. Also extremely useful was a rented Escalate trailer, which has a bed that hydraulically moves from sitting flat on the ground to about 17 inches above surface. This saved us from much more ramp work in both locations.

There are a bunch of photos of the whole operation here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjC3G3H7

Thanks for all the advice offered here; I’m sure we will be asking for much more advice as the cleaning begins ands the printing commences.


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