Sylvia Chevrier

SP-15 Ink Drum Scratches/Resurfacing

I read with interest Ray Nichols’ prior post regarding the resurfacing of his SP-15’s ink drum. The drum on my own SP-15 is also scratched, presumably from the previous owner’s use of the automatic washup system (the blade was missing when I bought the press, and I haven’t replaced it). The scratches on the drum …

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SP-15 new rollers/image problems

I just replaced the rollers on my SP-15 and am having trouble printing the first time out. The rollers were purchased from another press owner, but were new and unused, still in original NA Graphics packing and boxes. This was the first time I’d changed the rollers but didn’t encounter any difficulties with changing over …

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After just a few months here in the Pacific Nortwest, my previously unrusty SP-15 is beginning to show slight signs of rust on the cylinder rack teeth. In looking in the archives, I noted that Evapo-Rust has been recommended for rust removal. Should I look into getting some type of machine to reduce humidity in …

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