SP-15 Ink Drum Squeak Problem

Hello, I am hoping someone will have an idea of why my press has developed an extremely loud, shrill squeak that is emanating from the ink drum/vibrator assembly. The noise occurs each time the drum [oscillator] travels away from the operator’s side of the press, primarily when the rollers are engaged at feedboard position. The squeal is much less apparent and mostly does not happen when the carriage is being rolled down the bed and back. The noise is consistent from the time I begin printing until the end of the day’s session. I have repeatedly lubricated the shaft with vaseline with no improvement. The room temp. is about 67 degrees and I have a space heater pointed directly at the rollers, so I don’t think temp. is the issue. The press is printing fine otherwise. Thanks very much for any ideas.

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Eric Holub
13 years ago

Side play should be limited on an SP-15 by fittings at the end of the form rollers. Some rollers have a threaded hole and receive a large-headed retaining screw; others have a groove and use an exterior retaining clip. In either case if there is wear on the roller bearing block side-play can increase.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

67 degrees is not that cold. I trust that the worm gear is lubricated, but perhaps the squeak is coming from the rider and not the oscillator.

Or it may be the rollers: lift the roller lever to disengage the oscillator and shut off the motor. Spin the oscillator by hand. If no squeak, then look for side-to-side play in the form roller cores. Tighten roller core end screws if present or move collar closer to bearing block and tighten. Make sure nyliner is present where screw and/or collar contacts block or either will grind into block.

Other possibilities:
1) buildup of dried ink and grime at the hole in the tube.
2) worm gear and crescent need to be cleaned.
  a. move oscillator toward operator.
  b. loosen set screw on side of tube,
  c. remove holder screw on oscillator face
  d. push tube to far side to reveal worm crescent.
3) oscillator tube contacts the arm, because worm gear has loosened and slipped on the shaft toward the dar side. Move toward operator and tightened set screw on shaft.(I trust that the worm has Vaseline.)

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