Automatic carriage stuck in print mode

Good Evening!

I have recently come into possession of a Universal I Power Test Press with automatic cycling abilities. This is the first automatic cylinder press I’ve had experience with and I am finding there are some things I do not understand.

When the cycle mode is on, the press does not go into “trip” upon it’s return, therefore printing on the tympan. It will stay in trip on Manual mode, but otherwise remains on print. With this issue, it also has some difficulty releasing paper at the end of the bed – I assume because the trip mechanism has not been activated sufficiently, however I’m not sure.

This press does have an adjustable bed.
I’m hoping you might have an idea about what is going on and how to fix it.

Thank you so much for your time!

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Eric Holub
8 years ago

As I understand it, you would not need the grippers to open if cycled, with return, in automatic mode; that mode is only used with the frisket tapes, which hold the sheet to the cylinder as it returns to the feed board. Otherwise the tail of the sheet would be fly up as it reverses travel, getting wrinkled or caught in the ink train.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

Your impression cylinder is not shifting into trip because your carriage is stopping short of traveling to the end of the bed. If it did then the trip rack (X-17159 or X-21744) and cam follower would drop after in passes the trip wedge, thus shifting the impression cylinder upward.

Universal manuals provide guidance on adjusting the limit switch cams. These are the rails that contact the limit switches also know as microswitches, located on the backside of the press.

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