Challenge 15KA, manual and trip operation

Does anyone have access to a manual for a Challenge 15KA? I was helping Green Pea Press in Huntsville Alabama get theirs up and running from a pile of press parts. We are still having trouble with the trip operation. This particular press doesn’t have the roller mechanism installed yet. We were able to get the press to print by pressing the trip pedal at the start of the print run, and then releasing it right before the paper reached the type in the press. This way, the trip pedal could be used to raise the cylinder at the end of the print cycle to keep from printing on the cylinder on the return. This was the only way we could get the trip pedal to work on the return. This seemed incorrect to me, but I’ve never seen a 15KA in action. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks! Jessica Peterson

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Mark C. Strong
8 years ago

Jessica, I’m self taught but have printed woodcuts on a 15KA for 30 years. I’ve also looked for a manual that long, let me know if you find one. Rare indeed. But by all means get a copy of the parts manual the exploded views are helpful (though my press is a later model and has minor differences).

I assume you are talking about the automatic inking system when you say the ‘roller mechanism’ isn’t installed yet. That is an independent system that has no influence on the trip operation.

I must say I’m at a loss as to why you press the trip pedal at the start of the run then drop it right before the paper reaches the type. The press is always on impression and the ‘trips’ sole function is to raise the impression cylinder about 1/8″ so you don’t ink the tympan on the return. There is an adjusting (setting) mechanism on the ‘trip shaft’ located inside the bed frame(you get to it through a hole in the cabinet) that determines the height the cylinder is raised, but you state it works on the return.

When I print I press the gripper pedal on the left to load a press sheet, make the impression, reach under the feed table press the gripper pedal to retrieve the print, then step on the right hand trip pedal for the return. Surprising how easy it is to fall into a rhythm. Good luck.

8 years ago

Jessica, the K series of Challenge presses all operated on the TRIP basis you described, a bit confusing at first, and damn maddening when you end up inking your tympan on the return trip!

PM me your email address to inform @, I can send you a few brochures, sell sheets, and best of all, exploded parts diagrams. Cheers!

Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

Parts manuals are available on the Challenge website, but you have to hunt for them. Given that K series have a stationery carriage and reciprocating bed, depressing the pedal might be necessary to release the paper. Please post photos as you progress with this project.

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