Challenge 15MP been in storage for 40 years

I have recently lucked onto a Challenge 15MP that is lightly used and been stored in a dry building for 40 years.  It has some light surface rust but nothing that fine steel wool can’t take care of.  Everything moves and ball bearings seem to be fine.

Here’s my question: can I adequately clean and oil this press without removing/disassembling the carriage?  I’m in the process of removing all covers and cleaning and oiling everything I can reach, but it’s hard to get into the space between the impression cylinder and the frame of the carriage.  Any suggestions?

Greg Mitchell
Fayetteville AR

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Lad Boyle
4 years ago

If the rollers are 40+ years old, get the cores recovered before you try to print – old, hard rollers will print, but you won’t be happy with the result

You have a great press – enjoy it


Paul Moxon, Moderator
4 years ago

The short answer is: yes.
Spray a penetrating oil into the eccentric ports at the top of the ring above the hand crank and on the opposite side of the carriage above the gripper bar shaft. The follow up with SAE 20 oil. (Most readily available as 3-in-One oil in the blue and white bottle.) Oil the eccentrics weekly.
Spray canned-air or better, yet use an air-compressor to blow out dust. Short of that, use a nylon bottle brush.
Clean the bead bearers, cylinder bearers and under rails with WD-40 and a scouring pad. A side edge razor blade can be effective on the under rails.
From hereon wipe these surface with a slightly oiled rag daily.

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