SP-15 Cylinder Carriage Bearings Issues

I undertook the arduous task of adjusting the 6 cylinder carriage bearings on my SP15, after still experiencing uneven inking and impression with newly recovered rollers. Thanks especially to Gerald’s comprehensive “Adjusting Cylinder Carriage Bearings” article, without which I never would have undertaken the ordeal: https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/articles/lange-adj/ And with Fritz’s recently found comments within Paul’s “Common […]

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SP-15 carriage problem

We have recently begun having an intermittent problem with our SP-15. After printing, when the cylinder is returning to home position, it hits some obstruction about 12″ away from the feed board that causes a jolt and a significant bang. It doesn’t do this all the time (maybe 1 in every 4-5 print passes), and […]

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