I recently purchased a Vandercook 4 (serial number 15744). The press was supposedly housed for many years at the University of Notre Dame. In any case, it is not operational at the moment. I have a local machinist looking into the wiring, which seems to be the issue, as the motor, when all the wiring is bypassed does work (though some of the rollers are not rotating… but one thing at a time). In the process of our exam, we have determined that the belt is about to give up the ghost. Where can I find a replacement for this? It seems to be a 32 inch flat drive belt. Next, if we fail to solve the wiring concerns, do you have any recommendations? I am considering traveling to one of the maintenance workshops this summer. best, kg

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  1. Congratulations on your new press. You’re correct on the belt specs. Contact Fritz at NA Graphics, he should have on. If not, use the contact form to send me a message.

    Btw, Wells College as multiple No. 4s. I’m also available for service calls. Depending on your area, I may be able combine with other shop visits.

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