Cylinder Carriage Bearings Questions

I have been studying the directions in various posts and articles regarding adjusting the cylinder carriage bearings and was hoping for clarification on a couple points.

First, on a Universal III, which bearing set are the impression bearings (x-12216) and which are the trip bearings (x-2688)? It seems that the lower set which ride on the top of the bottom rail are the trip bearings. Is this correct?

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Gerald Lange
13 years ago

Hi Ron

Hmm. Everytime I look at the article in regard to your question, I just get a headache. And I have not been ignoring you, I just get a bit stopped in my tracks.

I think I have figured out my best response:

It has been years since I have even had the need to do this. At the time, it seemed right, and no one has questioned it since. Maybe just do it that way and try not to think it out theoretically?


Gerald Lange
13 years ago


You had me worried there for a minute. I went and looked at the article again but I am unsure what you are asking. As Eric suggests, yes, the “trip bearings” would effect roller height. But I am not exactly sure how to address the assertion that bearing adjustments (trip or print mode) would compensate for play in the cylinder?


Eric Holub
13 years ago

The trip bearings, since they affect carriage height, would also seem to control roller height, which hangs from the carriage. Misadjusted, the rollers will be at different levels on trip and print.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Hi Ron, Sorry for the slow reply. You’re correct. Bearings 2 and 4 are the trip bearings.

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