Did RotaDyne REQUIRE you to fill out a W9 and Credit Application?

We needed rollers on our Vandercook recovered and RotaDyne was kind enough to send a representative to check out the rollers, and take them with him to recover.  However, shortly after, I got an email from RotaDyne with a Credit Application and W9 to fill out.  Since the business is a sole proprietorship, I didn’t want to fill out my personal SSN on the forms.  I replied back and told them I’m paying via credit card, cash or check, so I didn’t want to fill out the credit application, and they said that was fine, but still needed the W9.  I explained to them that a W9 is necessary if I’m getting paid as an independent contractor or affiliate/vendor, but not when I’m the client paying them.

Has anyone else ran into this with RotaDyne?  I just found it odd…

6 thoughts on “Did RotaDyne REQUIRE you to fill out a W9 and Credit Application?

  1. Enrique - December 10, 2011

    Gerald, actually WordPress does it for free.

    “WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL.”

    WordPress does not have access to the data of users registered on this website. since it’s a software installation on the Vandercookpress.info server, not on the wordpress.com website.

    I also find it weird that he gets asked his SSN if he’s not asking for credit, and getting him to fill out a W9 when he’s not being employed.

  2. Paul Moxon, Moderator - December 9, 2011

    WordPress is a free and open-source software project developed by volunteer programmers from around the world (WordPress.org). Many of them create WP plug-ins—such as the one making tables possible— that are supported through donations. They do this to showcase their talent and build their resumes. The founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, has drawn a lot of attention to himself and is a much sought after speaker and subsequently created other entities to generate income. WordPress is not harvesting info from content creators. Spammers and bots try to get through but WP programmers are a diligent counterforce.

  3. Gerald Lange - December 9, 2011

    Paul, I’m sure that Vanderblog does not share its information per se but WordPress certainly does not do this all for free. Advertising, selling of marketing information, etc. They all do. Why wouldn’t they?


  4. Paul Moxon, Moderator - December 9, 2011

    Vanderblog does not share users information without permission. The only information Vanderblog requires via the WordPress sign up is a user name, email address and password. Real names are preferable, but not required. Vanderblog does not share email addresses with other entities, but does not prevent users from posting their contact info.

  5. bighpmono - December 9, 2011


    Hi, I wasn’t refuting the fact that SSN/EIN is necessary when filling out a credit application. I was having more of an issue with actually having to fill it out when I wasn’t asking for credit and having to fill out a W9 when I’m the payee. Coming from a corporate business/accounting background, it’s not standard nor traditional for clients to fill out W9’s and make them fill out a credit app when they are prepaying.

    Haha and ya, there definitely are questionable people out there, so I pretty much use a different pw for each of my subscribed sites. That’s also why I don’t blindly fill out W9’s/Credit Apps even though RotaDyne is a trusted company.

  6. Gerald Lange - December 8, 2011

    Not odd at all. Nor is putting your SSN on a credit app. Accumulated approved credit is quite handy down the road, when you really need credit approval. Sounds fairly traditional to me.

    Folks do far more dangerous things on the internet just by signing up for Facebook, Twitter, etc., probably even Vanderblog. Check out Kabbage. They will give you a bunch of money (thousands) right up front in a matter of minutes; right after you tell them just about EVERYTHING that identifies you.


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