Does anyone need a new bed plate?

I am about to have replacement bed plates made up for both of my Vandercook 320Gs and my #3 and will have enough of the .050″ cold rolled steel to make one extra bed plate.  Would anyone like to buy one for either of these presses?  The price will be fair.  Contact me for details.

Daniel Morris
The Arm Letterpress
Brooklyn, NY

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16 years ago

Hey Daniel,
I am a part of a community printshop that is just getting off the ground in providence, RI – we are set to open on sept 7 with letterpress and silkscreening. We have a Vandercook proof press that just got up and running, but we are in desperate need for a bed plate, and new-made is out of our budget. As another community shop, i would love to come by The Arm anyways, and see how you run.
please let me know if the base is still available and what kind of price you are looking for. thanks!
Meg Turner
Dreyfus printshop, AS220

Mary Mashburn
16 years ago

Hi Daniel — I have a #3 and would be interested in buying a new bed plate — please let me know details.

Typecast Press

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