Vandercook proof pressWould like to know if anyone as a similar press. I am ready to get the rollers recasted and i am a bit anxious about the proper diameter. My guess is 2 1/4 or 2 1/2.

The carriage set at the lowest setting is approx.: 1.9375 (height from the bed to the middle of the roller core).
The carriage set at the highest setting is approx.:
2.5 (height from the bed to the middle of the roller core).

The diameter of the ocillating roller is 1 5/16 a bit different from the 2 inches of the pre-1928-Composing Room Cylinders brochure.

Any ideas or infomation would be welcomed.


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7 thoughts on “Early Vandercook No. 21”

  1. Alain Debbané

    Hi Paul,

    Tried the foil on the roller core up to 2 3/8 diameter, the roller setting at it’s lowest. The oscillating roller rolls but the rider rollers stay put. The upper part of the inking carriage is fully engaged , brass to brass, and the oscillating roller is at the bottom the shaft. Rolled it on a 36pt lowercase “a” it would be a little bit over inked.

    Should the upper part and the lower part of the carriage touch or be apart?

    Look’s like it is going to be 2 1/2 after all.



  2. Alain Debbané

    Hello Paul,

    the bed is galley height but the measurements were taken with a .050 plate sleeping on the bed. They have a bunch of old foil tapes at my job, i will roll it around the cores up to 2″ and see how it goes.

    Should the upper part of the carriage be floating on the rollers or fully in place as if they were none?



  3. Alain, Because your press doesn’t feature a gripper assembly, it belongs to the “Roller Series Proof Presses” and not the “Composing Room Series.” Unfortunately, the brochure for this series does show roller diameter specifications. An advertisement in Barnhart Brothers & Spindler Catalog 25 (p554) shows an illustration of the inking carriage which is different than the Composing Room Series.

    I realize this doesn’t answer your question. I don’t know the roller diameter, but it’s probably 2″. Be sure to confirm whether the bed is standard (.918) or galley height (.968″).

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