Model 25 inking carriage

udallas-v25-1NEW CONTENT AT BOTTOM The problem I am having is that I can not see how to remove the distributor frame. It is wider than the frame which holds the mechanism to raise and lower the roller assembly. I can raise the distributor frame about 1/2 to 3/4″, but since it is partially in front and partially behind the curved steel frame in which the rod for lowering/raising moves up and down. I suspect I would need to disassemble the frame.

udallas-v25-2 udallas-v25-3 udallas-v25-4

For those not familiar with this early model, I have added this excerpt from the Composing Room Cylinders sales brochure below. The full 4 page PDF is available on the Bibliography page. -PM, moderator


The following photos of a model 17 are provided by JoDee Stringham: 1) complete assembly lowered; 2) complete assembly raised; 3) Distributor Lift Part CI 9 ; 4) Distributor Lift installed.

EverythingDown EverythingUp DistributerRaiser DistRaiser_placed

Here is a another view of the Distributor Lift (CI 9):

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JoDee Stringham
14 years ago

Could it be that your inking carriage is not fully seated in position? I have a No. 17 which has the same arrangement and there is more space between top of the brass rail and the lifter arm on mine. The vertical adjustment screw post pokes up about 3/8″ higher as well. In order to lift out the distributor frame, I have to make sure the lifter arms are down before trying to remove mine. I can also see from your photos that the rider rollers are not making contact with the form rollers, which they should if everything is in position.

There is a part called the distributor lift which I don’t see in your photos. This lifts the heavy distributor carriage when the press is not in use to prevent it from contact with the form rollers. That may be the flag that Kyle is referring to. It’s not necessary to print but it will save you the trouble of removing the entire carriage every time you are done printing.

I have photos which could help, email if you would like me to send them. Please pardon my less than precise language, I’m not mechanically apt.

kyle van horn
14 years ago

Without the press in front of me, and with hard-to-decipher photos, I’m going to hazard a guess.

In the schematic, there appears to be a tab on the right side of the 2nd image, directly above the words “…type off…”. It looks like a flag.

Is there any chance this is a locking mechanism to hold the form-rollers in place? Perhaps part of yours is broken and it is hard to find. It appears to sit behind the rear form roller, which seems logical for a locking mechanism to me. If it is, there’s probably one one each side.

Good luck.

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