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Enrique Woolfolk sent this ad from the August-September 1958 issue of Las Artes Gráficas en México (Vol. XI,  No. 67), which he says was the Mexican version of The Inland Printer. This Spanish language trade journal has 23 entries in WorldCat.

The most interesting bit of information in this ad may be the name of the selling agent: Papeleria San Agustin. This agent may be noted in the model/serial number cards at NA Graphics for Vandercooks exported to Mexico.

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12 years ago

so this shop was (perhaps IS?) 3 blocks from where i purchased my vandercook, which, notably, has the exact same set up on the cabinetry at the bottom — different than other images of uni’s that i’ve seen from the same era. the sellers (a father and his two sons, who sell machines for graphic arts and are amazingly sweet) said they got it from a family of printers nearby who just didn’t use it anymore. el viejo told me that he knew the grandfather who used ran the print shop that he inherited from his father, then a son took over, now his granddaughter (i think) — 4 generations. i plan to go by and see el viejo on thursday, so i’ll swing by san jeronimo 18 and check it out.

12 years ago

Thera are no traces of the selling agent on the internet. I guess they must have gone off the radar many years ago. But our friend Blair might be able to find about them or if they went on under a different name.
It’d be very interesting to know if the Universal I she just got was sold to Papelería San Agustin, or at least through them. That would require the SN sent to Fritz to look up the card for that particular Uni I.
I guess that on older issues of the journal there might be more ads, who knows, maybe not.
Thanks for posting this.

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