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Dear Vandercook friends,

After consultation with Paul Moxon I am happy to announce that the new FAG proof press platform www.proofpress.ch is online! I’ve been working closely with the archive at FAG Lausanne, Switzerland for more than one year (still in progress…)

The webpage is meant to share information about all FAG letterpress cylinder proof presses built from the mid 1940ies until the early 1990ies. It should be a helpful tool for all FAG users to exchange experiences and discuss about their presses and issues. The webpage contains information about the history of FAG Lausanne, a printing press catalog with all built models, a list of users still working with FAG proof presses, a discussion board and a download center with manuals and electrical schemes.

All FAG proof press users are kindly asked to register their studio and presses! I’ve also written a short manual on “How to register you press?” (Please write me an email if you’re interested in that manual). If you know any FAG users please send them my link or send me their email adress! I’d be happy to help anyone registering their pressmodels!

Thank you very much!

Best wishes

Dafi Kühne


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Gerald Lange
11 years ago

This is great. I’ve recommended the FAG and three of my previous students have purchased reconditioned presses direct. Great presses. Sure wish I would have bought one in the day. They are now cheaper than most of the crap Vandercooks being sold on eBay!


Paul Moxon, Moderator
11 years ago

Congratulations, Dafi. This is a tremendous resource. I’ve no doubt it will draw in heretofore unknown FAG presses and operators.

I’ve added a link to your site on the FAG census https://vandercookpress.info/vanderblog/other/censuses-2/fag/ and will send the data file.

Some people may be interested to know that an effort has been underway to build an Asbern website: http://asbern.com/. There has been a Twitter account since August 2011 http://twitter.com/asbern.

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