Feedboard Fabrication for No. 3

I have a No. 3 old style with a missing feedboard, and I am planning on fabricating a new one. I am posting here to see if anyone else would be interested.

My No. 3 has two steel blocks which bolt on to the end of the press. Each block has three 1/4-20 threaded holes, which is presumably where the feed board was attached.

I am planning on building a wooden box that bolts onto the blocks and then fabricating a feedboard out of 14 gauge steel that will bolt onto the wooden box. I am planning on following the general design of the Vandercook feedboards, but adapted to fit on top of the feedboard. It would have a slot for a new style side guide, and side and rear walls bent twice and welded at the corners for rigidity. I will probably then either have it powder coated, or just paint it. The attached image shows the flat patten of the feedboard with bend lines marked in red and the top of the wooden box.

If anyone is interested in getting one at the same time as I do, please let me know, the per unit cost should go down the more are made at once.

Or if you have any suggestions!

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
5 years ago

This feed board should also fit an old style No. 4.

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