215 Proof Press / Polymer Plates / Random lines of text Inking Blurry or Shadowy

Hi All,

I have a 215 and some lines of text are showing up with a ‘shadow’ or blurry around them, as the attached photo shows in the ‘we have reserved’ line. I’ve wiped the plate down, cleaned it, checked my rollers, everything I can think of. It seems to just be random lines on my 95 gauge polymer plates- sometimes the same lines of text (printing areas), sometimes it jumps around. Everywhere else the inking seems even and crisp.

I did think it was the heat / humidity in the studio, but it’s cooled down now so I’m skeptical that’s the cause. Has anyone else run into this problem?


thank you





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Ray Nichols
5 years ago

It would be a lot better if you would zoom in on the problem A LOT more.

Uneven packing? Perhaps you are hitting over an area of uneven packing (indented from previous printing).

Rollers? Are your rollers in good condition and are set correctly?

Might try rolling slower.

Are your rollers printing parallel or perpendicular to the type? Might try printing it the other way.

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