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Gerald Lange
16 years ago


I am following what I think is Terry’s lead here and suggesting that you put your press back together and start printing. That was your point in getting the press was it not?

Some folks do get into collecting and/or press restoration as somewhat of an obsession. And are quite fine with that, and there is nothing wrong with that. But you likely have to decide what it is you really want to do.


Terrence Chouinard
16 years ago


So long as the pins extend as far out as the mechanicals call for I think you’re safe with those pins. I’ve never seen pins as round as those in your drawing. Of course, I will defer to the list for a correction. I care about my machines and keep them clean & lubricated, but beyond that my priority is in the quality of my printing.

The shape of the pin head shouldn’t worry you as much as the wear those pins give your roller clutch plate, and as others on the Vanderblog have already mentioned, having that repaired is as easy as finding a good machinist or welder to braze new material there and level it. I’ve had it done to two of my Vandercooks soon after acquiring them. Sort of a once-in-a-lifetime fix, I think. Good luck.


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