Grafix Proof Press for Sale in Amsterdam


Big unique good working automatic letterpress proofing press.

Paper size 52×74 cm
Printing size 52×72 cm
Letter height 24.85 mm (Dutch height)

Works on 380 Volt, weight is about 2.500 kilo.

Starting bid is € 3000,– which is $ 3.500,– in US Dollars

Frits van Vliet

afwezig op woensdag

Gyroscoopweg 21 A 1042 AC Amsterdam
Postbus 20702 1001 NS Amsterdam

020-6841029   06-12762055  

1 thought on “Grafix Proof Press for Sale in Amsterdam

  1. Norman - September 19, 2019

    I have a Asbern Model R2 30”x24” landscape
    I can not find any literature, like the rubber roller diameter
    Any ideas

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