Gravity press & 4 T problem

The Gravity Press census seems like a great idea. I have a Number 0, Serial number 07756, supposedly made in 1953.
But it is my 4T that I need help with. After finally getting all the parts right, new electrical cord and switch, etc., it did not print evenly across the width of the bed. When I checked it with a parallel bar, there was light showing the center section, throughout the bed length. The bed is “dished” to .004 along the centerline. Any ideas on how to remove the cylinder, gripper connection, and so forth so I can have it milled down to flat again? Any ideas are appreciated. Steve S.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
15 years ago

I trust that you intend to have .050″ removed allowing you to use a galley or a bed plate. Additionally, make sure that the under rails are also in good condition and mill if needed by taking off the bare minimum.

However, all this effort may not be necessary if you intend to primarily use photopolymer plates. A solid, machined base will greatly mitigate the dishing, but you can also add an underlay beneath the base (copy paper is .004).

Paul Moxon, Moderator
15 years ago

Removing the carriage is not difficult, but it is very heavy.

1) Conscript two strong friends to help.

2) Place a sturdy table at the end of the press end where the carriage will eventually rest. Build up large support blocks on top of table to it make same height as bed but narrow enough to allow carriage bearings and cylinder trip rack to over-hang.

3) Remove the top frame oscillating roller and bottom frame form rollers.

4) Remove the two bumper springs mounted on the under rails.

5) Roll the carriage to the end of the gear rack and make a mark on the side of the teeth of the cylinder gear just before is about to come off the rack. Use mark to align gear teeth when reinstalling carriage.

6) With the aid of your two strong friends slide the carriage from the bed, then grasping by the tie rods place on a sturdy table at end of bed.

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