Finally got around to fabricating a hand lever for the No. 3 grippers. Works like a charm and no longer will I be rolling the cylinder back and forth in an attempt to properly grip/register sheets. I can share the specs with anyone interested… just let me know.


7 thoughts on “Vandercook No. 3 Gripper Lever”

  1. Hi

    I just got a Vandercook 3 and the grippers don’t move up as the crank is turned to the left. I’m thinking a handle might be the way to go if I have to do work on the mechanism anyway. Anyone making this retrofitted equipment? Plans would be great but something ready made to install would be better.

  2. Hi Brad,
    I recently required a Vandercook 3 and would love to take you up on your offer to share the specs for the gripper lever. My email is micheline(at)bettyandbing(dot)com.
    Many thanks, Micheline

  3. Bradley Dicharry


    I didn’t have any other parts made. I could easily make another… this was just the test to make sure my measurements were correct. It was 1/4″ hot rolled steel bar bent at a 45º angle. Painted with Rustoleum Light Machine Grey to match the press, drilled as needed, and dipped the top of the handle in Plasti Dip. Easy.

    Serial number is 15742—not sure if it’s in the census or not.

    As soon as I have the chance I’ll take a few more photos and post here or on Flickr.


  4. Nicely done. Did your have any other parts made? That oscillator and rider sure is pretty. Is this press in the census? If not, please send me the serial number and your details and I’ll add it.

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