The Lost Vandercook House Organ

Inland Printer/American LithographerRecently, I completed a fellowship at the Newberry Library in support of research for the second edition of my book Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History and Resources (2011). While there, I spent most of my time perusing various trade journals including The Inland PrinterPhoto-engravers Bulletin, Graphic Arts Monthly and British Printer, among others, spanning 1909–1976. As I sort out my findings, I will share a few highlights here and on the Time LineIn some instances, I came away with more questions. For example, in the July 1915 issue of The Inland Printer, I found this ¼ page display ad announcing Vandercook’s new house organ Proof. I was excited to learn of this publication. Unfortunately, a copy was not found in the Newberry catalog or archives and is not recorded in WorldCat. Neither was it advertised in subsequent issues of The Inland Printer. (I have yet to see issues of Photo-engravers Bulletin from 1915—the only other relevant journal at that time.) So, did R.O. publish more than one issue? Have any survived?

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Eric Holub
10 years ago

Yay, Caslon!

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