HS-27 Clutch – Brake Unit

Hi Everyone,

Our HS-27 has been acting up for a while now. Even before I started 13 years ago, a piece of mylar was used in between the brake and slip ring. Now the assembly isn’t engaging when the foot pedal is pressed down. Everything in line leading up to the assembly appears to be in order and the fuse and relays are operating.

Anybody ever have trouble with this? Anyone have a HS-27? I could not find any mention in this forum.

Thanks and have a good one.


M&H Type / Arion

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

The mylar is probably an original shim or replaced the original.
Have you checked the tighteness of the lock nut on the clutch shaft?
I have reached out to other HS27 operators/owners.

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