when the Vandercook 4 is a knockin….


I’ve been having a problem on and off for the last few months where the top carriage, when rollers are engaged there is a fast knocking noise emanating from what seems to be the large oscillating roller.

if i lift them ever so slightly or push them back it goes away but only temporarily. 

I’ve checked the crescent and it looks like it’s in good shape and i flipped it to see if that was causing an issue, but it knocked with the crescent both ways. 
I just installed new form rollers and the knocking was gone for a whole day! now it’s back.

Any ideas about what to adjust or why it’s happening? 


Thanks all!


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

I don’t recommend adjusting the “cradles.” Generally, my next thought is one or more bent tie rods.

In any event, yes, we can do a virtual troubleshooting/ consulting session. I will email you.

3 years ago

Unfortunately – The bushings are in the correct place in the riders and the worm gear is not loose or chipped. I’ve taken it apart a few times to clean and check the worm gear and crescent. It’s such a quick paced rhythmic knocking that seems to go away if I lift the rollers ever so slightly- there’s a sweet spot where they will keep contact but the knocking will stop- I’m unsure how to adjust the height of those cradles (unsure of the part name)
Paul: Do you do virtual troubleshooting/ consulting?

Paul Moxon, Moderator
3 years ago

It could be that there’s excessive play on the riders due to one or more of the wood bushings having slipped inward into the hollow.

Also, check that the worm gear is not loose on the shaft. There are two set screws on the collar. Disassemble the assembly and clean. Inspect for chips on the worm gear and a worn or broken crescent. Reassemble and tap the collar against the worm gear, then retighten the set screws.

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