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hello all, i’ve just picked up this Vandercook and would love some help to identify it, i’m guessing it’s a no 4 but the sides of the main ‘carriage’ seem to be different from those i’ve seen pictures of, it’s made of one piece unlike the other no 4’s which look to be made of separate ‘bits’ bolted together, the ink distribution roller set in the bed is powered and the lay/gripper are activated by the pedal, the only serial number i can find is stamped on the bed under the feed table on the operators side and reads 918, i’m located in England, i’d be glad of any help, ta


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Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Upon consulting my photo archive and this image from The British Printer catalogue Specification Manual of Printing Machinery (p.151) I believe this is a Model 4c built by Western Manufacturing. I base this on the shape of the carriage side plate, the feed board support bracket and power switch box. The difference in cabinet style may mean that yours was produced at a later date. I say this because the upper left compartment has a spring loaded door, evinced by the position of the pull, like late 1920s-early 30s US Vandercooks.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
13 years ago

Your are right that it is a variation of the No.4 This model was built in Great Britain under license in the 40-50s by a few different companies. See my findings here:

If a manufacturer’s label is not found on the carriage look for the serial number on the bed bearer’s (smooth rail) at the right end of the press. We can then compare it to other British-built No.4s in the census
The makers were Hunter-Penrose Ltd, FAG, Pre-Press Ltd. and Western Manufacturing.

If you wish, I will add it with your name and location to the census and put you in contact with other UK 4 owners.

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