Sorry if this has already been covered, but what is the best lubricant to use on the cylinder bearers and the rails?

Thanks for any help.

3 thoughts on “Lubricating bearing rails”

  1. I also use an oiled rag for the bed bearers.
    For the cylinder racks I use some petroleum and a brush to clean all the dust from paperstock (…). I do this just after every larger printjob.

  2. As one old printer explained it to me, the oiled rag will remove any flakes of lead from the bearers, and solvents might not. Not so many lead flakes in the typical shop today, but the point is that these surfaces must be clean.
    Lubricants may attract foreign matter which can act as an abrasive. What’s more, they may cause the bearings to slide rather than turn, resulting in more wear.

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