Misidentified Vandercook. Formerly Vandercook No. 20 Rigid Bed RollerProof Press

7885I’m sorry the Serial number was off by one digit. It is S/n 7885.

I don’t find a press with these dimensions in the Timeline.
The base is 20 in. × 34 in.
The maximum form is 13.5 in. × 26 in.
and the press bed is 23.5 in. × 35 in.

I suspect the flat bed roller press is a variation on a 32
since it has a crank and an inking roller carriage assembly.
It looks like there were many variations on these presses.
Does anyone have any idea which press it is based upon the Serial number?

I will begin cleaning the press soon.

Is there a thread in the blog archive that provides details on cleaning these presses.
It is really dirty. Some ink has dripped from both ink slabs leaving mini stalactites of dried ink.
The inking roller carriage has the 2 cores but the composition rollers have disintegrated. The way they disintegrated tells me that they were composition. Maybe a hide glue and gelatin composition.
What size rollers are specified for these carriages. Does any one know what durometer is good for printing Collotypes?

Thank you for any help you may provide.

Mark Morrill
Minneapolis MN


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Fritz Klinke
7 years ago

Mark called me on the revised serial number and it turns out to be a press he worked on while in college at the University of Minnesota, who was the original owner of the press. It is a model 32, shipped July 20, 1938 to the Printing Department at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. The previous serial number, 7884, was a model 20. There were four #32 presses made from SN 7885 to SN 7888, three were shipped to European buyers and the fourth is the press Mark now owns.

8 years ago

We have a no 20 roller series at Auburn (S/N #1315). Our inking carriage is in great condition and I got a diameter of 2.5″ on the rollers. See pic of the carriage.

Paul Moxon, Moderator
8 years ago

I believe the roller diameter for the ink carriage is 2.5″ I have asked a some Roller Series owners to comment.

You may get a wide range of answers on clean up methods.Mineral spirits and nylon scrubbing pads (Scotchbrite) is a good place to start. I like Simple Green followed by WD-40.

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