219 Power – Adjustable Bed

I’ve recently brought home a 219 Power and while cleaning it up and reading through the manual I’ve found that the press does not have the knurled knob at the end of the bed to lock the adjustable bed. Not that the knob is missing, but that there is no knob at all for the purpose of locking the bed at a given height. Does anyone out there have a 219 Power that could let me know if there is some other mechanism to lock the bed once it’s adjusted to the desired height?

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  1. Jason Dewinetz - June 8, 2016

    Thanks everyone for the feedback. The electrician was in today and we got the 3-phase hooked up and the press moving. After some trial and error with the levers and switches, I got the press running in Auto mode (running forward and back and stopping at the board), but it’s still a bit sloppy at the feedboard. I know there is an adjustment to make underneath for this, but I just wanted to check to see if there should be a “click” when it stops. On all other Vandercooks I’ve used, the carriage always clicks when it’s at its start position. Should I hear such a click?

    Also, in short/long (non-Auto) mode, is there a trick to getting the carriage to stop at the feedboard? Or is it just a matter of timing (to let off the peddle)?

    I don’t have the overhead tapes mechanism, so I likely won’t be able to use Auto mode, as I imagine too often I won’t quite get the printed sheet out in time at the end of the bed, so I’ll be stuck using the short/long mode to stop the carriage at the end, lift out the sheet, then return it to the feedboard. Thus, I’m wondering about the best way to consistently stop the carriage at the feedboard in those modes.

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

  2. Nanikatsu - June 8, 2016

    My 219AB also doesn’t have it.

  3. foldingpaper - June 7, 2016

    Not that I’m aware of.

  4. Andrew Steeves - June 7, 2016


    Nothing occurs to me right off the top of my head.


  5. Jason Dewinetz - June 7, 2016

    Thanks Andrew & Alan. It seems likely it would work its way out of position, but you’ve both reassured me that this isn’t the case, thanks. While you’re both around, is there any combination of levers that allows the carriage to roll in a sort of “neutral”? I don’t have power hooked up yet and would like to push the carriage out of the way to do some cleaning. I could do this on my SP-25 Power, but in that case the motor/gear was attached to the carriage, rather than underneath like the 219. Any suggestions?

  6. foldingpaper - June 7, 2016

    Hey Jason- My press does not have the mechanism either and also holds the same height without locking it in.


  7. Andrew Steeves - June 7, 2016


    Mine doesn’t seem to have any obvious bed locking mechanism either. I routinely throw longish runs through mine (3000+ impressions at the same bed setting) and have never seen any indication of the bed wiggling down throughout the run.


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