More V&S Employee photos

I’ve posted six additional “photos”: of Vandercook & Sons employee gatherings. Once you view them you will agree that Lowenbrau was the offical company beer.

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Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

I love the Bad Seeds. But Lil’ Wally was the real Chicago-style deal.

Terrence Chouinard
16 years ago

You want a standard Lawrence Welk kinda thing or something more Frankie Yankovich and the Yanksish?

Paul Moxon, Moderator
16 years ago

Sounds great. We need lyrics for a Vandercook polka! Anyone?Mr. Chouinard?

Sara S.
16 years ago

These are great, Paul.

We should all gather for a few Lowenbraus and an accordian sing along soon!

Sara S. in Iowa

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