Bill Critchlow


Today I spoke by telephone with former Vandercook and Sons employee Bill Critchlow who worked for there from 1961 to 1971. While a student at the University of Arizona, Mr. Critchlow met his future wife Lynn, daughter of company president E.O. Vandercook. After marrying, he attended dental school at the University of Pittsburgh. Afterward he was invited to work for the company in Chicago where he started in the assembly room. Later he joined the sales department and eventually became VP of Marketing. Mr. Critchlow traveled the US and abroad promoting the Vandercook line. It was his idea to have a “Mobile Technical Center” an RV outfitted with an SP15. Mr. Critchlow vividly remembers the day chief engineer Burt Roozee pitched him the idea for the RO4-29 4-Color Offset Test Press using two paper cups. Later, it was Critchlow’s initiative to market Vandercook branded proofing supplies including Goldtone repro paper, repro inks, hand cleaner and roller wash. Laughingly, he said the roller wash was nothing more than mineral spirits dyed green, but customers swore that nothing worked as well!

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