Motor – Universal I

Recently the motor on my universal I has been reluctant to start. If I manually give the cylinder [drum] some torque, it will start. I replaced the capacitor mounted on the motor ($6.00), which seemed to help some. I can get a new motor from a local supply house for a reasonable cost (approx. $150) but before I do, I want to make sure there is not something else to consider. The gear box has new oil. I cannot manually rotate the cylinder [drum], but I assume the gear ratio is such that I should not be able to, correct? Or is there some problem there. Once it starts, it runs pretty smoothly, apart from some chain noise. Chain tension is very snug. Motor replacement looks pretty straight forward. Anything to watch out for?  Thanks.

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Gerald Lange
12 years ago


Is this an automatic or manual Universal I? My understanding (from this list) is that a Uni auto motor would need to be rebuilt since there are no replacements (?). Any information otherwise would be of interest.


Paul Moxon, Moderator
12 years ago

With the power off, you should be able to should turn the motor by hand. It may be difficult to do so because of the tautness on the chain. Having the motor serviced may cost less than the price of a replacement.

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