Moving a Composing Room Cylinder Press

Vandercook-17Does anyone have experience moving a composing room cylinder press? I am hoping to move one, which I think is a #17, but I was not sure if there is an intelligent way to move it into my space. I’m specifically wondering if the cylinder can be easily removed from the bed and easily reattached afterwards  as well as if it is possible to remove/reassemble the base from the bed for the purpose of moving. Any suggestions would be appreciated!




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Paul Moxon, Moderator
9 years ago

I recommend avoiding major disassembly whenever possible. Instead strap the carriage to the middle of the bed, remove the hand crank, sheet hopper and inking carriage. Lift the press onto a pallet. The original crated shipping weight was 1200 lbs. Professional movers will be worth the expense.

I have not moved this model, but have tuned up a couple. Note that the bumper spring housing is part of the bed casting. This means that the only way to get the carriage off the bed is by removing the carriage bearings, then lifting the carriage off. However, you may find it difficult to recalibrate the tolerance between the carriage bearings and the under rails on the bed, which is critical to maintaining even impression.

The bed can be removed from the cabinet, but you may find it difficult to realign the bolts and holes during reassembly. This i do know from experience on this model, The bed alone weighs 450 lbs.

Please let me know the serial number and your business name and location and I will add this press to the census. You should find it on the bed at the sheet hopper end, to the left of the hole for the lockup pins. It may be under a bit of grime and/or rust.

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