Moving a No. 4, Some Disassembly Required

I’m getting ready to have my No. 4 moved, and unfortunately the riggers are saying it will require some disassembly. The plan is to remove the carriage, then the bed, and then treat the cabinet as a separate piece (drawers removed of course). I’m familiar with most of the tips to remove the feedboard, handles, …

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Moving a Potter

I am about to be a new caretaker for a potter (not sure which edition, I think maybe a #2) which currently lives in a multi-level basement with several staircases. I was wondering how you would go about moving a press in this situation?   I read somewhere that it can be 800 lbs, which makes …

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Moving a Composing Room Cylinder Press

Does anyone have experience moving a composing room cylinder press? I am hoping to move one, which I think is a #17, but I was not sure if there is an intelligent way to move it into my space. I’m specifically wondering if the cylinder can be easily removed from the bed and easily reattached afterwards  as …

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Tot ziens … ciao

Lorenzo Pellegrinelli, of Niemand Private Press in Milan, sent a link to this video of a No.3 old style Vandercook being offloaded from a truck by crane. This is the same press (sn: 7870) that was up for auction in The Netherlands in September. The feed board does not appear to exist.