No. 3 Gripper Bar Lever Fabrication


I have a No. 3 (Old Style), and I am planning on fabricating a gripper bar lever for it and I wanted to see if anyone else would want one as well. The more that are made at one time the cheaper they should be, but they definitely should be under $100.

The idea is similar to what is documented in a couple of previous posts, linked to below. I have attached an image that shows my design; I am planning on having it water jet cut from 1/4″ steel, aluminum would be a little cheaper, but I am a little worried that the shoulder screw that it would pivot on would eventual wear the hole. The handle would be made more ergonomic by attaching the two plates by countersunk #10 flat head machine screws, though plastic grips that fit the bar also exist:, I carefully measured my press for the location of the mounting holes, the middle hole, which is the pivot, I undersized so I can drill to size, the other holes are oversized to account for the water jet manufacturing tolerances.

I don’t know if all presses had the holes in the same positions over time, but if anyone else wants one, I could either omit the holes so they could use their existing piece as a template, or if they can provide exact hole location measurements, I put those in. Similarly, I could leave off the handle holes, if people want a different handle option.



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4 years ago

I’m interested for sure. Not sure how to install it given the design posted. I’m game to learn about how this might work.

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