Tightening drive chain on Universal III

Anyone got an idea of the sequence (or at least a place to start loosening bolts) to move the sprockets to tighten the chain on an automatic Universal III? The chain is hanging enough that it is dragging just after (or before?) it passes the sprocket nearest the ink drum roller. I’m not sure it is causing any problems with printing quality, but the noise is starting to bother me. I’m not sure I could take out a link, but I also could not figure out which link you need to work with for that.

If you have an idea of what to loosen to move something useful it would help to be able to see a photo.

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John Henry
John Henry
5 years ago

Ray: Here’s a great video on shortening a roller chain. I did have to do this to my UNI III a while back. The removeable link elongated c-clip should be on the side of the chain toward the center of the press. Removing a single link should shorten it enough to quiet your operation considerably.

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