Oil level on Universal I Power carriage motor

uni I side motorMy Universal I Power carriage motor has been leaking oil for the three years I have owned it so I finally took it apart and fixed the leak. After reassembling the motor I filled it with oil but I am unsure how high the oil should be. Should I fill it to the screw on the front middle, #1, or the screw on the upper right, #2. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Alex Brooks
14 years ago

also, the oil level plug should have been, at one time, painted red, and the vent plug (where you fill) has a groove all the way around it’s head. I can see it on the topmost bolt in your pic. When they mounted these motors they would put the special plugs in the correct positions, as there are six ways the motors could be mounted on different machines.

Alex Brooks
14 years ago

It’s hard to tell, because the pic’s a little small, but #1 is your oil level plug and your vent plug is on top, unnumbered (between 1 & 2 in your pic). #2 is the oil level plug for another motor orientation. Good luck. -alex

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